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Ensuring a free and fair conference

Dear Comrades,

Rules for aggregates:

1. The aggregate is open to all registered members who joined before the calling of the special conference (Saturday 9 February). Comrades who have joined after this date cannot attend, or vote or stand for election. Aggregate organisers will be sent a list of members. If you do not receive this list 48 hours before the meeting, please contact the national office. If someone is not on the list, they cannot come in.

2. There should be a registration desk as people arrive at the aggregate. Everyone needs to be checked as they arrive. This may need two people to speed things up. If people have not yet re-registered (the lists will tell you this) they should be asked to do so and increase their subs (or start them if they’re not paying), at this point.

3. Comrades may only attend the aggregate for the district in which they are a member (unless they are the CC or faction speakers). Comrades may only stand for election in the district in which they are a member.

4. The faction is allowed a speech of six minutes, taken immediately after the CC introduction. There is no summing-up speech from the faction.

5. Aggregate organisers will be sent the name of the faction speaker by the national office. If you do not know this 24 hours before the meeting, please contact the national office.

6. Some comrades have asked if they can vote in the meeting to vary these rules – not to have the faction speak, or to allow a longer faction speech. Please do not do this. The procedure set out here allows the faction its rights, and we urge all aggregates to stick to it.

7. Give everyone arriving a copy of the CC motion to special conference which was sent out to all members yesterday and is attached.

8. Set time limits for speakers from the floor in order to give everyone a fair chance of speaking. Do not allow anyone to speak for a second time until everyone has had their chance to speak for the first time.

9. Ballot papers should be distributed at the beginning of the meeting and the process explained clearly by the chair at the start of the meeting. Ballot paper should be collected at the end and either counted immediately or taken for counting by an agreed person.

10. NC members go to conference automatically, without voting rights. They can stand to be delegates.

11. Anyone who stands for election and is not elected cannot then ask to go as an observer. The only exception to this is NC members who can still come to conference without voting rights even if they stand for election and are not successful.

12. Ensure the meeting is conducted in a comradely way and that everyone is heard with respect. [I can’t believe I said that with a straight face – CK]

As people arrive for the aggregate, please ask them to re-register to the SWP and to sign up for Marxism and make them aware of other local and national activities. Subs-drive and Marxism forms can be given to the CC member to bring back to the office.


Sir Charles Kimber Bt

National Secretary



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